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VuMATRIXHD Video Matrix Over 1G IP
Transmitters & Receivers modules distribute HD HDMI Video signals up to 1080p@60 to all TVs at any distance with perfect Quality and just 1 Frame TX to RX delay over the existing 1 Gigabit switch IP network, Unlimited Channels, and Better Price than Any other Matrix or Extension solution

HD Matrix Over 1 Gigabit
4K Matrix Over 1 Gigabit
4K Matrix Over 10 Gigabit IP
VuMATRIX IP Revolutionizes the HDMI Video distribution technology, delivering your HDMI 1080p video over the existing 1 Gigabit ip network, with perfect quality, sharing the existing cables with the actual TV, internet, phone services.  You can add transmitters and receivers as needed, at any time, without the need to wire new dedicated cables. Set each transmitter to an ID number, then point the receivers to the wanted number to watch, done.  With 1 frame delay TX to RX over IP (no_delay), IR Controls Pass-Back, flexibility to install each transmitter directly at each source site, map any transmitter to the wanted group of receivers, or easy-select the channel on each receiver from the panel or Remote control,
The VuMATRIX IP is the new & Best solution for any matrix, switching, extension application, for a fraction of other solutions price.

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VuMATRIX Key Benefits
  • Distribute HDMI Over 1 Gigabit IP Network
  • No New Cables > Works & Share the existing
  • 1 Frame Only !  >  No Latency Over 1 Gigabit IP
  • Inputs Anywhere  >  Inject any source anywhere
  • FULL HD > Any TV Resolution up to 1080p
  • Any Audio > Stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 / Any
  • Matrix > Point Transmitter & Receivers in a click
  • Automation Control > Drivers & HTTP for Automation
  • EXPANDABLE > Add more modules at any time
  • PRO Quality > Non Stop Operation
  • Less Expensive > Than any matrix or extender
  • MADE IN USA - 5 Years of Warranty

  • Very Cost-Effective & Best HD Quality On The Market


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