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MTRX4-IP - 4x Antenna Tuners to IPTV & ASI

MTRX4-IP - 4x Antenna Tuners to IPTV & ASI
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The VeCOAX MTRX-4-CAM is a 4x Antenna Tuners >TO>IPTV streaming & ASI Converter with Multi-Cam Multi-Descrambling Features, perfect solution to receive multiple HD/SD Encrypted TV programs, Descramble it, and output the wanted ones to the IP Networks as lan / wifi / internet, and the ASI.

Available for DVB-S/S2 Satellite, American ATSC OFF-AIR, American QAM Cable, DVB-T, DVB-C, ISDB-Tb, DMB-T, the MTRX-4-CAM connects its 4 antenna inputs to one or multiple antennas, so you can receive multiple frequencies at the same time.

Each frequency can transport multiple HD and SD TV channels, and the MTRX-4-CAM lists all of them on the control software so you can select the ones of your interest to output.

The MTRX-4-CAM inserts up to 4 Conditional Access Smart Cards you take from the original Set Top Box Decoders ( find your decoder slot cover on front or rear panel ),
so the MTRX-4-CAM can Decrypt scrambled programs through the official original smart card as on the decoder box.   


Each Smart Card can decrypt up to 8 programs at the same time, so a total of 32 different simultaneous programs can be descrambled with 4 smart cards from the 4 MTRX receiving tuners .
The number of simultaneous descrambled channels depends only from the smart card limits, sometime is 3, or 5, or 8 or more.

If your original Decoder Box does not have the CAM Adaptor for the smart card ( card is inserted directly in the original decoder ),
a CAM adaptor is needed for each smart card you use, so it can be plugged into the MTRX Common Interface CAM Slots ( up to 4 ).

To Find out the proper model for your smart cards, Just search online for your "TV Provider Name Conditional Access System"

Example of Most used Cam adaptors to insert smart cards :    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conditional-access_module
NagraVision NDS VideoGuard Irdeto Conax  

The Selected and descrambled services are output to the IP Network as SPTS UDP/RTP Multicast Streams ( Up to 45x between descrambled and original tv services from the tuners and cams ), and ASI MPTS.

Original TV Services from the tuners ( scrambled or free view ) can also be routed to the IPTV out directly " as-is " without passing through any cam / smart card.

The Gigabit IPTV streaming output port can be connected directly to any Network Switch, Router, Wifi, or the Internet, distributing the selected TV Channels to an unlimited number of IPTV Video Player devices such as ip set top boxes, computers, tablets, mobile devices, internet distribution servers, internet cloud.

The ASI data out port can connect to any ASI data in on any other device to add the selected TV channels to the target device for further management and distribution.

Should you need to " Transcode " one or more of the received tv channels into a different video resolution/format/bitrate, our VECOAX TRS Transcoder unit can be added to transcode selected channels to lower bitrates, different compression formats as MPEG4 H264 and AAC audio, for narrow bandwidth distribution.

Multiple units also of different models can be installed together at any time to expand the number of channels as you need.

The VeCOAX MTRX-4-CAM installs in Minutes, Easy, just connect your Antenna and the switch/router out to the networks, and comes standard with all the accessories including all the HD Video Cables.

The included software allows the remote-control of multiple units also installed in different places, also over the internet with secure login.

PVI ProVideoInstruments HD/SD Digital Video Receivers are the ideal solution for any Antenna TV Channels over iptv distribution, Local channel Injection,
Remote Channel Gathering, Private Homes, Entertainment Systems, Hotels, GYMs, Sports Bars, YMCAs, Corporate Centers, Casinos, Academia, Cruise Liners, Luxury Yachts, Stadiums, Hospitals, Digital Signage, Assisted Living, RVs, Houses of Worship,  Fitness Centers and more.

Professional Construction with 5 Years warranty - Made In USA


Converts 4 Antenna Frequencies / Selected Received TV Services from each > TO > IPTV Streaming SPTS & ASI
Output up to 45x spts rtp/udp multicast streams you can receive on any computer, tablet, mobile, IP decoder
4x CAM Common Interface Slots - Each is Multi-Program-Simultaneous-Descrambling Capable
Connect the Input Antenna/s One antenna can be jumpered to all inputs, or independent antennas
Set the frequencies Set the wanted carrier frequency per each of the antenna inputs
Insert PAYTV Smart Cards From your original set top box to descramble encrypted channels
Choose the TV Channels Select the TV Services you want to output from the list of received
Set Output IP Addresses & Ports Set the IP address you will use to watch the channels on the ip players
Connect your IP Network Connect our IPTV RJ45 LAN out port to your IP Switch, wifi, router, network
Play on your Connected Devices Play the channels on computers, Tablets, Mobile devices, or IPTV Boxes
Quick Start Guide Easy Setup in minutes through the included quick start guide
Remote Support We offer unlimited Free Tech support to help you to setup your system in minutes
Antenna Inputs
Antenna Types Available DVB-S/S2,  or USA ATSC OFF-AIR, or USA QAM Digital Cable,
or DVB-T world-wide compatible, or DVB-C world wide compatible
or ISDB-Tb Brazilian TV standard
On type of tuner per each unit - cannot mix different types.
Number of Antenna Inputs 8x F-TYPE connectors with loop-out to daisy-chain multiple tuners to the same antenna
Coax Jumpers included in the box
Descrambling Features
System Compatibility Fully Compatible to Any Conditional Access System
CAM Slots 4x Common Interface Multi-Simultaneous-Program-Descrambling each
Programs to Cam Map Select by software which programs goes to the CAM for descrambling
Multi-Channel Descrambling Up to 8+ simultaneous Channels per CAM can be descrambled.
Limits to the max number of simultaneous channels decryption,
might apply depending from the Smart Card CPU capabilities.
Original Channels
Route Channels AS-IS The wanted/Selected Received channels can be routed to the iptv out
as-is, free view or encrypted.
Encrypted Channels will require the proper smart card to be inserted
at the ip set top box or ip decoder or ip tv side.
Encrypted channels can be also passed through the CAM modules for
descrambling through the slot-in smart cards from the original set top box
prior to output to the IP Network.
Routing Features
TV Channels selection Select the wanted TV Services from the list of received ones, up to 45 channels
Restamp Yes - Can add/drop/restamp names and components of a service down to PIDs level
MUX out Yes - Selected Services can output in MUX to the ASI MPTS BNC port
SI & TABLES All Descriptors and Tables from the transport streams can be routed out
IPTV Output
IP Streaming Out Yes - 1x Gigabit IPTV streaming output port
Number of SPTS streams 45x selectable RTP/UDP SPTS Single Program Transport Streams, IGMP, Multicast/Unicast
Bitrate Per Stream Original as received from the antenna
Multicast Broadcast Mode Yes - the same stream ( one time the bitrate )  can serve an unlimited number of ip video players
Play on Any IP Device Compatible to any IP Video player Software, IPTV set top Boxes, PCs, Tablets, Phones, IP TVs
Internet Distribution Yes, can also drive any industry-standard internet video distribution servers
Front Panel Control through display and panel keyboard
NMS Remote Control Integrated WEB interface to login and remote control from anywhere
SNMP Remote Control SNMP control via standard MIB file driver - compatible to any NMS SNMP software
Interface Dedicated RJ45 100 Base-T Ethernet Network Port - can operate over the internet, remotely
Channels Expansion
Multiple Units Can connect Multiple Units also of different models for the wanted number of channels
Power Internal Professional Power Supply with power switch - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 65W max
Enclosure Dimensions 1.72" H x 19" W ( rack ears ) x 16.5" D
43.6 mm H x 482.6 mm W x 420 mm D
System Weight 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg )
Shipping Dimensions (individual) Carton Box 5.2" H x 23" W x 23" D
132 mm H x 584 mm W x 584mm D
Shipping Weight 13.3 lbs (6 kg)
Cooling Natural Air Circulation and redundant fans
MTBF 55,000 hours
Compliance FCC Class A, IEC60065, EN61000, CE, RoHS, RCM, C-Tick
Warranty 5 years
Rear Panel Available connectors and layout changes based on model and options
The content of this document is subject to revision without  notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and  manufacturing.
PVI shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document.
Cables and accessories
Power Cord Included - compatible to your country socket
Antenna Coax Jumpers 3x Included
CAM Modules CAM modules to Fit Smart Cards can be purchased searching online as needed
Rack Mount Ears Included
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