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VeCOAX SD Composite Video Over Coax Distribution
The VeCOAX converts any Video Into digital TV Channels you can Distribute Over the Existing Coax Cables and Receive On All the Televisions, at Any Distance, Perfect Quality.
All Models comes with Universal CVBS Composite Input and L/R Audio for the maximum flexibility with no limits today and tomorrow.
SD Models are available with 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 Simultaneous channels, and multiple units can be combined for the wanted amount of channels.
VeCOAX PRO4 SD RF Modulator with iptv
VeCOAX PRO4 SD RF Modulator with iptv
VeCOAX PRO4 SD RF Modulator with iptv
VeCOAX PRO8 SD RF Modulator
VeCOAX PRO8 SD RF Modulator
VeCOAX PRO8 SD RF Modulator

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Key Features & Benefits
  • Distribute SD Video Signals to All TVs Over the Existing TV Coax Cables
  • Best Quality - Flexible - Reliable - Economical Solution
  • No need for new cables - Easy Installation Anywhere
  • Perfect Full DVD-Like Quality over coax to all TVs at any distance
  • Combine Multiple units for more channels as needed
  • Composite Inputs with TBC Time Base Corrector, FS Frame Sync,
    DNR 4:4:4 processing for the Best & Clean Picture Quality

  • EAS Emergency Alert Integration Ready
  • SAT & CABLE Boxes Tested & Approved
  • Simultaneous IP Streaming out to watch over Lan/WiFi
  • Dolby Digital AC3 Stereo
  • Built-In Scaler to adapt the input picture to any application
  • CC Closed Caption input
  • Audio Match Control
  • Set Channels Names and Numbers with no limits
  • Available for Any TV Standard including
    ATSC Off Air ( combine with antenna channels )
    QAM ( Combine with cable operators channels )
    DVB-T / DVB-C / ISDBT & 1 Seg / DMB-T
    Can change the standard at any time via software
  • All Video Cables are included in the box
  • Made In USA - 5 Years Warranty
  • The Best Newest Solution for an Easy & Perfect Video Distribution, Anywhere

VeCOAX Video Distribution Typical Applications:
Private Homes, Condominiums, Churches, Schools, Stores, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines,  Race Tracks, Sport Locations, Airports, Military, Space, Government, Digital Signage, Retail Stores, Commercial, Security Systems, And MORE ...

Any Video!    Any Source!    Any Network!    To Unlimited TVs!

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