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VuMATRIX PRO Transmitter HDMI Over IP

VuMATRIX PRO Transmitter HDMI Over IP
VuMATRIX IP PRO HDMI Over IP Transmitter With TCP IP Control
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VuMATRIX IP PRO HDMI Over IP Transmitters

Distribute Any HDMI Video Over the Existing 1gigabit lan 
the Next Generation Matrix with unlimited flexibility!
With PC Control Software & Automation Control



The VuMATRIX IP PRO is the Revolutionary HDMI Over Ethernet Video Matrix Distribution System, ideal solution to distribute any HDMI Video Signal In Real Time over any Existing 1 Gigabit Lan. Multiple Transmitters & Receivers can be installed Anywhere on the Network with the ability to Expand the number of channels at any time by simply adding modules


  • HDMI Real Time HD Video Distribution Over IP
  • Up to 1080p Full HD @ 60 Frames per second Best Quality
  • Can Share the existing 1 Gigabit CAT5/6 Network
  • Add Multiple HDMI To IP Transmitters, anywhere
  • Add Multiple IP To HDMI Receivers Anywhere
  • Easy Change Receivers Channel From Panel Or Remote Control
  • Also Change Receivers Channels From The Transmitters
  • Real Time, Perfect for any Live Application
  • Works with any 1 Gigabit Network Switch
  • Local Control From Front Panel or IR Remote Control
  • PC / Tablet Control Via the Free Included Control Software
  • Third Party Automation Control Drivers, HTTP / TELNET / API
  • Installs In Minutes, Easy, Anywhere
  • Made In USA - 5 Years Warranty


VuMATRIX IP PRO Transmitter

Technical Specifications


UPC: 0649070901604



VuMATRIX IP PRO Transmitter is specifically designed to distribute in Real Time any HDMI Full HD Video over any existing CAT5 CAT6 Ethernet Lan IP Network, with Perfect Image Quality and Broadcast Grade Performances. The Operation is plug n play anywhere, either with DHCP ip address acquisition from an existing router, or with self-auto-ip. Provided with a professional power supply, the unit operates independently from any centralized power distribution for the maximum reliability and compatibility to any existing 1 gigabit switch. Each Transmitter & Receiver Can be controlled locally from the front panel, as well via the Included IR Remote Control and from any PC Tablet by using the Free included VuMATRIX CONTROL SOFTWARE.  The units can be also controlled from any third party automation system by using our HTTP / TELNET API Driver Specifications. Professional Connectors, cool &  noiseless operation without the need of forced air guarantee the total reliability through time.



HDMI Video Input

1x HDMI 2.0 Type A Connector
SD / HD Resolutions up to 1080p @ 60
3D Stereoscopic Support
 Stereo and Dolby Audio Embedded

1x HDMI 2.0 type A connector.


Ethernet Link

1x RJ45 CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 Connector.
1 Gigabit Layer 2 or 3 Type Network with support for Multicast and IGMP.
DHCP, Auto IP or Static Ip Modes supported


Power Supply

1x DC 5 Volts power input Connector. 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC Power Plug
3 Watts Max Power Consumption

IR Connector

IR EYE Output to control the source connected to the transmitter from the receivers IR EYE Input.
Any IR Command sent to the Receiver IR EYE at the TV Side is sent back to the transmitter IR EYE to control the source actions as change channels or play stop etc.


HDMI Input Formats

SD Format Support

525i29.97 NTSC, 625i25 PAL

HD Format Support

720p50, 59.94, 60 
1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 
1080i50, 59.94, 60


HDMI Color Space

REC 601, REC 709

HDMI Color Precision

YUV 4:2:2 and RGB 4:4:4


Copy Protection

HDMI input is with HDCP and is compatible to any HDMI source up to HDMI2.0 HDCP2.2



Minimum Network Requirements

Network Switch: 1 Gigabit Speed with IGMP/IGMP snooping.
Network cables: UPT/STP cat5e/6
Max distance From switch: 393FT (120M)


Network Traffic

Each VuMATRIX Transmitter requires around 30% of the switch port bandwidth ( 300 megabits/s ) and leaves the 70% of the port bandwidth for any other traffic as internet, voip, etc.
The VuMATRIX IP LE Transmitter Video Traffic is Encrypted and can only be received by the VuMATRIX IP LE Receivers


Suggested etwork Switches



And any Similar or Superior From any other brand, Managed Layer-2



Software Upgrade

Mac OSX & Windows software upgrade via Ethernet


PC / IP Remote Control

Local Control via Front Panel Buttons & Displays.
Remote Control from any PC by using the Free Included VuMATRIX MASTER CONTROL SOFTWARE


Third Party Remote Control

IP Remote control and integration with any Third Party Automation system, via HTTP / Telnet Drivers API Documentation Included


Settings Control

Basic Settings Control

Front Panel Display and Buttons to select the Destination Channel number

PC Control

Full Remote Control from any PC / TABLET / Surface by using the Free Included VuMATRIX MASTER CONTROL Software


Automation Control

Full Remote Control from any third party automation system by using the included HTTP TELNET API Drivers Documentation


Power Requirements

Power Supply

1x Included Wall Power Supply Adapter
AC 90-240 Volts Universal World-Standard
5 Volts 1Amp DC output


Power Over Ethernet

Option to be added to the order
UPC: 0649070902311


Power Consumption

3 Watts

Operational Voltage Range

90 - 240V AC With Included PSU
Or 5 Volts DC OVER 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC Power Plug


Physical Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0°to 40°C (32° to 104°F)


Storage Temperature

-20°to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)


Relative Humidity

0% to 90% non-condensing


What's Included

VMX-1K-TX-IP-PRO HDMI over IP Transmitter, Power Supply, IR Eye Emitter,  quick instruction card to access the latest online software and manual, download the VUMATRIX MASTER CONTROL Software, the complete HTTP TELNET API drivers documentation to control also from any third party automation.
UPC: 0649070901604



5 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

VuMATRIX PRO Transmitter HDMI Over IP
VuMATRIX PRO Transmitter HDMI Over IP
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